Saturday, September 6, 2014

Essence make-up box

Recently I have bought a new make-up palette from Essence. Since always I have a thing for nude or brownish eyeshadows. When I was younger I liked violet tones also, but now I can't picture myself with such bright colors on my eyes. I like gold, light brown, dark brown, eyeshadows with glitters and very light peachy eyeshadows and these are the colors that this palette has. :)

I think that this package of make-up box is adorable. That's the main reason why I bought it, because I thought that these eyeshadows can't be very long lasting. Oh well, I was wrong. These eyeshadows stay on my eyes around 10 hours without any lumps. 

When I was taking these pictures my skin was really dark and that's why eyeshadows look a little bit less pigmented. Maybe I'm not even head over heels about their pigmentation, because you need to put eyeshadow twice on the lid to get precisely that tone of eyeshadow you see in the make- up box.

Eyeshadows from left to right: team nude, nude night out, all about nude, on eye an apricot, go for gold, eye light beige

As you can see in this make-up box you also get a mirror and a make-up brush and sponge. You also get a tutorial how to make nude smokey eyes. 

This make-up box you can buy in DM or in Muller. It costs around 7 €

My rating of this make-up box: 7,5/10

Hope you like this review. (It's my first one, so don't be too harsh on me, hihi)

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  1. Super review ;) meni so essence sencke zelo lepe samo pigmentacija pa res ni ravno dobra :)


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